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Auto Sacramental - Rosarium² - Sigillum

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  1. On the other hand, some sacramentals, among them one of those most frequently used, holy water, are the object of a benediction which details their particular effects. One of the most remarkable effects of sacramentals is the virtue to drive away evil spirits whose mysterious and baleful operations affect sometimes the physical activity of man.
  2. Autos mitológicos Autos filosóficos-teológicos ESCENOGRAFÍA Es una primitiva pieza dramática toledana, escrita probablemente en el siglo XII. Se encontró en un códice en la biblioteca del Cabildo catedralicio de Toledo, por el canónigo don Felipe Fernández Vallejo, conservándose.
  3. Autos sacramentales (Spanish auto, "act" or "ordinance"; sacramental, "sacramental, pertaining to a sacrament") are a form of dramatic literature which is unique to Spain, though in some respects similar in character to the old Morality plays of England.
  4. A estos fragmentos habria que sumar otros vestigios que pudimos estudiar en los fondos del Museo Municipal de Consuegra procedentes del mismo yacimiento: un sigillum de TSI "prearetina" (EICAR(us) SCR (ofulae) OF (ficina), un borde de TSI padana e incluso una moneda de Augusto (as de Emerita Augusta fechado en torno al a.C.
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  6. Sacramentals are distinguished from sacraments in that they have been instituted by the Church and do not find their origin in Christ. They exist in order to make holy almost every event in the lives of believers and, like the sacraments, draw their power from the Paschal Mystery.
  7. Sacramental Cannabis. Cannabis & the Bible The King James version has been used herein. "The Lord said unto me, 'I will take my rest and I will consider in my dwelling place like a clear heat upon herbs.' "Isaiah 1) What is the Word of God concerning marijuana, or cannabis hemp?
  8. Sacramentals are sacred signs instituted by the Church. They prepare men to receive the fruit of the sacraments and sanctify different circumstances of life. Among the sacramentals blessings occupy an important place. They include both praise of God for his works and gifts, and the Church's intercession for men that they may be able.
  9. Auto sacramental, (Spanish: “sacramental act”), Spanish dramatic genre that reached its height in the 17th century with autos written by the playwright Pedro Calderón de la Barca. Performed outdoors as part of the Corpus Christi feast day celebrations, autos were short allegorical plays in verse.
  10. The Sigillum Dei (seal of God, or signum dei vivi, symbol of the living God, called by John Dee the Sigillum Dei Aemeth) is a magical diagram, composed of two circles, a pentagram, two heptagons, and one heptagram, and is labeled with the name of God and his angels.

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